Stop Wasting Time with Your
Unorganized Business!
Plan your Days Effectively, Manage Client Projects & Business Information, and Scale your Business with Ease.
Use the EXACT System that Saves Me 20 Hours Per month!!
Save five hours per week of wasted time searching for files and documents with an all-in-one business headquarters!
Develop, implement and streamline a project workflow that simplifies your workload & allows you to bring on more clients!
Collaborate with team members & clients for smooth communication and interaction and LESS EMAIL!
Manage your daily tasks to effectively boost your productivity and get rid of the stress and anxiety that comes with unorganized chaos!
The Ultimate Done For You Business Management System for Increased Organization, Efficiency & Productivity!
I spent the entire first year and a half of my business trying to keep track of everything on post it notes, legal pads, notebooks and IN MY HEAD! I was forgetting to follow up with leads, I was missing deadlines, I was forgetting client projects & my stress level was THROUGH THE ROOF!! 

No Organization Means I was wasting time looking for documents, trying to find my post it notes and crying in a corner because I was letting my clients down!

A successful business is organized with processes and systems that allow them to work more efficiently.


That's when I said enough is enough. There has to be a better way to keep track of #allthethings and moving parts in my business.I wanted to have an all-in-one place to store everything about my business, my client work, my team and WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!

I created the Complete Trello Business Management System to Organize all of my business information, tasks, projects, client work and communication, team communication and even home and family stuff!! 

After doing that I was able to stop wasting time trying to find post it notes and documents, I spent less time stressing about missing deadlines and being overwhelmed, my business was more structured and streamlined, I saved myself hours of headaches and MY BUSINESS STARTED GROWING!!

I want you to have my ENTIRE system setup PLUS training videos to
increase your business organization, decrease your stress and grow your business!

Boards & Trainings:

Receive These 13 Trello Templates, Video Trainings, Worksheets & BONUS Videos!

My Week Planner
Use this board like a calendar to plan out your entire week and never miss another deadline!! 
Business Management Planner
This board serves as your business headquarters so you can easily find pertinent information without wasting precious time searching through files.
Referrals Board
Networking is crucial as an entrepreneur. Keep track of those coffee chats and interactions with this template!
Content Marketing Planner
Map out your entire marketing plan in hours, not days and reuse content to save wasted hours! 
Client Onboarding Workflow
Spend less time on boarding new clients, manage client tasks and communication without a million emails and never look unprofessional again!
Project/Launch Management 
Map out all of your long term projects and launches to see future business plans and deadlines. 
New Team Member Templates
Add a new team member to your team with ease using this board to assign work. No more missed communication!
Resources Board
This template is your toolbox! Add resources for yourself and your clients that you can revisit any time!
Marketing Manager Board
Adding a marketing manager to your team,  collaborate using this board to track projects.
Multi-Client Project Onboarding
Learn how to automate your workflows in Trello and let Butler do the heavy lifting!
Program Launch Template
Launching a new program or offer? Stop reinventing the wheel for all the tasks that need completed. Use this template each time you create something new
Vision Board
Use this board as a visual representation of what you want in all facets of your life!

Home Management Board

Use this board for all things family, household tasks and projects, schedules, and more!
BONUSES: Automation Training
Learn to setup Butler for Trello and have him do all the heavy lifting with moving tasks and projects automatically!

Use Planyway to manage all the moving parts of your business & client projects!
25% off Monthly Content Management Package
Now that you will have a system in place to manage your content - pass it off to our partners over at Orange Tower Marketing to increase your visibility and growth even more!
Trello Website Planning Template
Our partners over at Syt Biz has created a Trello Website Planning board to simplify the website redesign process for you with step by step instructions, resources and more! 
What People Are Saying...
Mallory Majcher
Owner, Orange Tower Marketing
"I was really hesitant to use Trello and could never get into it. But then I had ONE call with Brittany Dixon and she helped me set up Trello in a way that literally TRANSFORMED how I do business. I even took it to my 9-5 and we now use it as our project management system with our marketing team!" 
Rose Lounsbury
Owner, Less
"Brittany’s Trello workshop was amazing! I’ve attended many webinars from big name people and hers was better than ALL of them. She showed me exactly what to do and I started setting up my Trello boards that same day. My business and life will run much smoother because of it. Thanks, Brittany!"
Cynthia Ayres
Owner, Mom's Bread Bites

Before Brittany's training, I used the word "graveyard" to describe my Trello boards. I had at least 15 boards with untellable redundancy and it was a disjointed mess. Now, I have 7 specific boards and don't see a need for more as everything has a home and I am incredibly clear on where everything goes

Trello Will Organize Your Life!!

 Hi there, I am Brittany Dixon. Founder of Brittany & Co. Consulting. I help overwhelmed creative women entrepreneurs create and implement processes and systems in the back end of their operations to save time, generate more revenue, make a bigger impact and create the FREEDOM THEY DESERVE!


Trello is one tool that I could not live without and I want to give you all the tricks of the trade to make running your business and household just a little bit easier. I know you do not have extra hours to spend setting up your Trello Headquarters, so let me help you take that first leap to freedom and take back control of your time!